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Getting married can be a significant event in any lady’s life and what better way to mark it than with a wonderful party and a gorgeous white-colored gown? While strictly speaking not a single shade because it reflects all shades, white is striking nevertheless. Therefore it is not really surprising then that the majority of modern-day brides elect to dress in white wedding dresses.

However, the donning of a white dress by a bride has not always been the strong tradition which it is today. Queen Victoria is credited with having started the trend when she wore a white-colored bridal gown to wed Prince Albert in the course of her rule in the 19th century. However, prior to that time women of all ages wore wedding dresses in an assortment of shades.

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What is more, in certain regions of the world such as The Far East, for instance, customary wedding apparel is often dominated by the color red because it’s considered to be a lucky and auspicious hue. In the country of India, too, brides have customarily donned red saris although a variety of hues have since become popular. Ethnic traditions aside, though, white is without a doubt the most well-liked hue for bridal gowns in many parts of the globe at present. That being said, not all modern brides-to-be choose to dress in white on their big day.

The capacity to perceive coloration is among the joys of human existence and there’s something quite magical about witnessing a rainbow in the skies when the sun comes out following a rainstorm. Scientifically speaking a rainbow is the result of a system of reflection and refraction of sunshine off raindrops however this does not make it any less of a remarkable phenomenon to many folks. Hence if you are among those women who truly adores color then you may wish to dress in a wedding dress in your favorite hue.

Several famous people have worn colored wedding gowns in recent times so you’ll be in great company if your do choose to be different and dress in a shade that is not cream or white. The beautiful pink and white ombre dress designed by John Galliano which Gwen Stefani wore to wed Gavin Rossdale in ’02 is possibly among the most renowned colorful celebrity wedding dresses to date. However, Sarah Jessica Parker had already broken with custom by getting married in a black gown in 1997 long before she came to play the part of the off-beat fashionista Carrie Bradshaw.

What is more, the level of popularity of hued bridal dresses amongst celebs appears to be increasing. In recent years, celebrity brides have worn purple (Dita Von Teese), yellow (Amber Tamblyn), pink (Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway), and green (Kelis, Cynthia Nixon), to mention just a few. The well-known fashion houses have picked up on the craze of pink for bridal gowns in particular with Versace, Chanel and Elie Saab all featuring pink bridal gowns in their 2012 ranges.

If, in spite of this, you are having trouble tracking down a ready-made bridal gown in the color of your choice you might want to take a look at evening dresses because there are plenty of styles out there and you may well come across a gown like this that will be appropriate to get wedded in.

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