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By Donald Carmin

Do you think shopping for a camera is an easy task? Well, think again it’s not. You just can’t go out and buy a camera right away, as there are several things which you should know before you buy one, such as, does the camera suits your needs, its size, color, shape, brand, resolution and a lot more. If you don’t have the necessary knowledge of a camera and its features you would face a lot of troubles and possibly end up purchasing a wrong camera. Nevertheless, at present, there are many consumer reports on the digital cameras, which are actually reviews by the end users who are using these digital cameras and share their views openly that can help inform you in details regarding a specific camera, to decipher this problem.

Consumer reports are the most reliable source of information to end all your despair about the purchasing any product. You must not at all accept what the manufacturers assert regarding their products, as there have been several instances with many consumers, wherein the manufacturers had promised several new features in their product, however have failed to deliver them or were found useless. It is therefore worthwhile to pay attention to what other consumers have to say about that particular digital camera you liked the most and get some information from their knowledge.

Digital camera consumer report is actually a stage where many consumers and review experts report their experiences regarding any specific model of digital camera. These reports are extremely useful in the instance once you crave to be familiar with all the features comprehensively regarding a particular digital camera. Do not consider these as advertisements of the brands boasting some models, in reality the consumer reports are in depth analysis of all the features and functions of a particular digital camera.

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You can go through the digital camera consumer reports in several magazines or online consumer reports websites. Consumer reports inform you on what advantages a digital camera has as opposed to usual cameras how by means of a digital camera you can transfer the photos to your computer and can further enhance them by adjusting color, brightness or contrast and by adding special effects to the photos. By means of digital cameras, you can perform all kinds of exciting things that you in no way imagined earlier.

Consumer reports provides solution to many doubts and questions with reference to which kind of camera in fact goes with your needs well or how many megapixels camera does a normal camera user needs. You can in fact decipher all the propaganda made regarding a specific camera brand and have knowledge of its features in fact. If you are a diehard digital camera freak, having a profound curiosity in them, in that case studying the consumer reports on a regular basis is a necessity for you. You can have access to many valuable consumer reports with several online consumer reports websites, a few of these reports are provided complimentary however, you might as well have to pay for a few.

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Finding a Public Relations Consultancy in UK


Dave McCavery

Are you interested in public relations consultancy in UK? The business of public relations is very important to a company. Why, it can make or break your company name. Public relations are required in the financial industry, the fashion business, health care, high tech services, publishing, sports, retail and travel. A public relations consultancy in UK (also called a publicist) is responsible for improving a person or companys reputation. The company will strive to inform the public of new information, influence public opinion or persuade people to take action.

Public relations consultancy in UK may involve various techniques in garnering publicity. The agent may invest in television or radio ads, newspaper or magazine page advertisements or Internet marketing. Additionally, a publicist may place importance in the idea of stimulating the local community by way of hosting an event. Some public relations consultancy in UK businesses have even worked with celebrities!

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Not only does a publicist help you get publicity, he or she can also give you ideas on how to get people to attend live events, release a successful film or book, get more interviews, make more money (or receive more donations) or even get more people to vote for a candidate. Additionally, a public relations consultancy in UK may involve emergency situations. Extreme circumstances come up more often than you realize. However, you cant let these situations catch you off guardits bad for business.

What if someones company has experienced very bad publicity due to a recent event? How can you repair that image? What can you do to build trust up again? What if there is no precedent for what has happened but something needs to be relayed to the public? This is when a public relations consultancy in UK will be paramount to the future of your business.

A public relations consultancy may refer to a publicist or even a consultant for publicists. Important issues that a consultant will address may include how to create a public relations plan, how to prepare campaign materials, how to write and format a press release, how to assemble a media kit for publishers or networks, how to work with the media, how to establish contact, and how to get featured in articles and nationally read publications.

Additionally, some consultants may have special expertise in holding news conferences and organizing special events. For example, how do you organize a grand opening? How can you spread the word about a product launch? What role does the Internet play in building and maintaining the fine name of a company brand?

Remember that times are changing. Old methods of getting publicity may not workor even if they are still effective, they may require some fine tweaking in order to get the best reaction. What should you look for in a publicist or publicist consultant? Experience always counts.

Choose a firm or individual with reputable and verifiable references. The more recent experience they have had, the more contacts they still keep. This will be of vital importance when your company needs positive publicityespecially after an emergency situation.

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Who Else Wants to Know About Online Branding?


Saiful Azim Muhd. Halimi

Branding simply means the process of building a positive image for your product or service. Its all about telling customers who you are, what you do, your promise to your customers about what they can expect from you, and it also differentiates your identity from your competitors. Branding is all about originality and being creative, and it is considered the most valuable asset that a company may have.

Effective branding has the emotional element that creates product loyalty. Just look at Burger King because you can Have It Your Way or Just Do It like Nike. The main purpose is to ensure that the name of your product, service or website will be remembered by your customers for many years to come. How can you achieve this? Here are the tips to get you started.

i) To establish a solid brand presence, your message needs to be global. Use simple language to communicate easily with your readers. Avoid scientific terminologies or jargons just to impress them. People have enough complexity in their lives and theyre surely not looking for more.

Create your own message in your own words. Write whatever feels right to you. Just write as if youre talking to a close friend. By doing this, you will build a rapport with your target audience.

ii) Consistency is one of the keys to successful online branding. You need to consistently repeat your message to your target audience. The Internet is a marketers powerful tool in any branding practice since it has the potential to expand the reach to your customers, and also to strengthen your relationship with them.

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You need to make sure everything from the font on your website to the background colour on your email newsletters stays consistent. Find the right message, and keep repeating it to your target market until it is synonymous with your brand.

iii) Choose a catchy domain name. Visitors recognize you by this name, therefore you must choose a unique name that is easy to spell, remember, pronounce, and type. If your company has a long name, try to keep it three words at a maximum. For example, many successful companies have three-letter acronyms such as IBM, CNN and BBC.

When registering your domain name, always choose a .com first. The reason is simple everyone remembers .com before .net, .org., or .biz. If you are using other than .com, you are losing potential customers.

Dont forget that a branded domain name can reassure your visitors that your online business is trustworthy and reliable. This saves them time because they know what to expect and need not seek your competitors or other online alternatives.

iv) Develop your own unique selling proposition (USP). If you want to differentiate your business from your competitors, you need to ask yourself these questions. Why would customers buy from me? How does my product perform better than the competitions? Does it cost less, lasts longer, or more attractive than my competitors? Does it come with special features? What makes my product or service unique?

v) Develop your website that is user-friendly and easily understood. Before you start building a site, its a good idea to sketch it out with a pencil and some paper. Use appropriate number of images. Carefully plan and build a website that shows the products image together with the descriptions and benefits. Your web site visitors are more likely to recognize your product if they see pictures.

You should also try to minimize the number of clicks on your website, as this will make it faster and easier for your web site visitors to find what theyre looking for. Be careful with banners and use them in moderation. Cluttered banners have weak branding impact than less cluttered banners.

vi) Design an impressive logo. Just look at eBay, Google, Yahoo, Apple, and Windows Operating System. All of us are familiar with these logos before everything else. These big companies have unique logos which we can remember and recognize easily when we see their logos somewhere else.

Many successful online businesses use attractive logos to create a lifetime impression in the minds of their consumers and bring global recognition. Create a simple and catchy brand name that comes with a simple logo. Display your logo at all important locations on your site to increase brand identification.

vii) Participate in newsgroups. These are called online forums where people who share common interests come together in a virtual meeting room to ask questions and exchange information.

This is the social side of online brand building, where you can develop your reputation as an industry expert at no cost. At any time you find forum members discussing your brand online, explain further and dont forget to thank them. This proves theres a real person behind the business.

viii) Set up a feedback process, as this enables your visitors to inform you if something goes wrong. By providing good customer service, such as answering phone calls and replying emails quickly and politely, will spread the good word about your business and keeps it going.

Remember that online branding is just one part of your overall marketing plan and it cannot be successful overnight. Brands are normally built over long haul and through persistent and consistent actions. It is therefore an essential skill for any marketer, both online and off.

Saiful Azim is a university student currently pursuing his Diploma in Public Administration, and he works as an Internet marketer in Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Heres your chance to copy the secrets and proven strategies from an Internet marketing pioneer at

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Who Else Wants to Know About Online Branding?